We made it our mission that, by the optimal use of available natural resources, we would supply our clients around the world with minerals from various sources helping all to build a vibrant global economy thereby providing our clients, staff and the surrounding areas and their populations with security and prosperity through sustainable and responsible long term development.

Social Responsibility

A commitment to sustainable social change is central to the business philosophy of Minal. We work with communities in the regions where we operate to build local skills and infrastructure for long term development. A great amount of time and effort is dedicated to understanding the needs and projecting the long lasting benefits from the Company’s performance by minimizing the impact of operations on the environment and being fully appreciative of and caring for the surrounding world.

Our commitment at Minal is to the health and safety of all people, the environment and the communities in which we work. The long term nature of our business allows Minal to establish long term relationships with host communities where we operate, helping to make a positive contribution to the lives of people who live near our operations and to society generally.


Minal both values and has respect for our planet, our environment and all people, seeking to create value, minimize risk and give security to all concerned with full corporate responsibility.

Minal carries out constant monitoring to ensure any negative changes resulting from mining operations are quickly discovered and acted upon, thereby minimizing disturbance to local habitats and communities. Weekly water testing for physical and chemical changes in the areas chosen with collaboration with the local community is a good indicator of any environmental changes and together with dust monitors around the site, access road and surrounding areas giving a clear picture of any unacceptable impact.


Sustainability is one of Minal core values, and our commitment is to ensure that its mining operations leave a positive long lasting environmental, economic and social heritage.

The Company looks to the future and how it will live and work together with the communities and organizations surrounding its operations both now and in the years ahead.


Minal has priorities for 2016 which include increasing its asset and production base in Chile. Minal will also continue to progress some early stage investments in Colombia in the same sector, as well as looking at other opportunities in iron ore and possibly other minerals. To realize this goal Minal reviews the main sustainable development trends in the Iron Ore Mining Sector and identifies best industry practices. There is a strong focus on delivering high value (through low cost/high quality) production, within a disciplined framework, to meet the needs of the global Iron and Steel Industry. Minal plans to become a long term supplier of choice for clients through quality, consistency of product and reliability of supply.