Punta Totoralillo Port


The port is located in the III Region of Atacama, Copiapo Province, Commune of Caldera, 23 km. north of the city of Caldera, in the area called Punta Totoralillo at this coordinates: 26º 51 '10.93 "South Latitude and 70º 48' 53.55" west longitude.

The port and related facilities are located in an area of approximately 270 hectares, adjacent to Route 5 at kilometer 906.

Collection Point

The Iron Ore is transported by a conveyor system to the gathering area or "Storage Platform" where, using a traveler stacker, two piles of ore of 500,000 tons of total mineral capacity are conformed; there are two additional fields for storage of third party material.


From the Storage Platform, through a mineral recovery system operated by front loaders, the Iron Ore is loaded into a set of enclosed conveyor belts that stretch over the mechanized dock to subsequently deposit the mineral in the holds of ships, through a radial ship loader with a telescopic device.

The structure is capable of loading ships of up to 200 thousand tons.