Sales and Marketing

We have entered into a partnership with Eastmed Trading and Shipping Inc. for them to provide the sales and marketing for our total production. Below is a very short resume of the company.

Eastmed Inc. excels in offering a wide variety of seaborne transportation solutions and trading expertise services.

They serve the industrial, agricultural, petrochemical and energy sectors. Since their inception in 1994, they have built their reputation on the quality of services that they consistently provide to all their customers worldwide. Their aim has always been to bridge the gaps between the regions of supply and demand by using their shipping and trading operational excellence. Their knowledge and solid expertise in ocean transportation and in commodity trading business will help Minal and our customers to execute their strategy with safety, create new opportunities and improve their performance against market competition. This sustains both our mission and helps create protective buffers in times of turmoil, whilst reaping rewards in the time of plenty.

Eastmed Inc. is now a partner with Minerales Nacionales SpA. (Minal).

They are comprised of two entities.

EastMed Trading & Shipping Inc. was founded by Mr. Stavros Moussoyannis in May 1994.

The company operates from Athens, Greece, under law 5687/89 since May 1994. The company was initially set up to cater for the needs of trading and transportation of specialized project cargoes and has been active ever since in Project Cargo Trading, Shipping, Chartering, Management,Trading and Consultancy.

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