Minerales Nacionales S.P.A. (Minal)

Minal is an ambitious new supplier to the Iron Ore and Steel Industry, focused on identifying, developing and operating Iron Ore mines in different areas of Chile. At the same time Minal complements its mining operation, when applicable, by buying-in Iron Ore from small and medium miners and mining companies. The latter is not, at this time, a major part of the Company´s operations, but the availability of adding significant quantities of Iron Ore from other Chilean mines is available when needed.

Minal has the ability to promote, secure, long term agreements and Joint Ventures with existing Iron Ore Mines in other countries also to increase its sales potential and service its clients worldwide.

At Minal, the strategy is clear on how to achieve its goals and at the same time to create value for local communities by delivering reasonable financial returns; by improving the local microeconomic situation; also in promoting safety and health care while specifically contributing to the countries and communities in which it operates. Even at the present very difficult economic conditions prevailing in the International commodities market, Minal can compete.

Minal offers a high level of protection to all its contractual partners and associates, including buyers, mining companies, suppliers, individual contractors financial Institutions and service providers, using the support of the International Insurance and Reinsurance Market. This Insurance and Reinsurance strategy together with careful planning, constant oversight and systematic operation brings stability to the mining sector where Minal operates, as well as to the company itself.